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i’m not picky, i’m selective

food hang-ups: many of us have dealt with one form or another at some point in our lives. when i was a kid, none of my nosh could be touching on my plate. i didn’t like carrots or tomatoes. i couldn’t stand the look of smeared ketchup on a piece of bread, (it had to be applied to the meat side.) when you’re a child though, it ain’t so surprising. you’re supposed to be weird. some scientists even believe kids are generically programmed not to like their vegetables. (they’re sensitive to bitter flavors.) Continue with reading

Permanent jet lag and why coffee may be all in your head (except mine)

bonjour from sunny Northern Alberta!

okay, maybe not so sunny, but indeed, i am here! sorry for being MIA; flying to the other side of the world and living out of a 45lb suitcase has thrown my schedule a little outta wack. more importantly though, can you believe the one and only time Oprah has, and ever will, do a show in Sydney, Australia, and i leave the flippin’ country?? have i lost my flippin’ mind???

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Exercise Programs

Did you know that 99% of all diet and exercise progams fail to help dieters loose weight quickly and achieve their weight loss goals? It’s true, and dieters continue to make the weight loss industry a billion dollar business. But, if 99% of all diet and exercise programs fail to allow users to loose weight or lose fat why then do dieters continue to waste their time and money? Because dieters know that their inability to attain fast weight loss has nothing to do with the diet but rather their lack of effort.
The fact of the matter is that all diets (even the most ridiculous) will allow dieters to loose weight even if for just a few days at a time. Continue with reading