Should Ee Eat ‘Everything’ In Moderation?


It seems the diet trend right now is the no-diet trend. the “healthy-lifestyle”, eat everything-in-moderation plan instead of the deprivation plan. which sounds awesome. in theory. but can i be perfectly honest here?

i haven’t caught on to that yet. actually, there are many things i’ve cut from my diet in its entirety, and such things probably fall into one of the following categories:

  • foods that have been processed to the point of no nutritional value
  • foods i have no self control around and/or have to eat more than the recommended serving in order to be satisfied
  • foods that have been deep fried (tummy doesn’t like)
  • foods that may be referred to as ”red meat”
  • soda and juice (sugar and calories are more fun when chewed. imho)

i suppose the first 3 categories go hand-in-hand; most foods that have been heavily processed don’t satisfy with just one serving. (who stops at one handful of potato chips?) i’ve also chosen to eliminate cheese and nuts, which, true, are healthy for you…in moderation. but one serving is equal to a whopping 1 ounce (source) and for me, that just ain’t gonna cut it. plus they always overdo it in restaurants and if i’m trying to watch my calories, it’s easier to avoid such things all together.

that being said, i certainly don’t discriminate against those who do practice moderation. anyone who can practice self control and still be as health as a horse, i say good on ya mate. i fail to believe there’s only ‘one’ way of eating healthy. of course the body requires certain nutrients and minerals to do stuff (like, ya know, live) but if you’re not deficient in said nutrients and your doctor deems you as healthy, i’d say you’re doing pretty darn well for yourself. how you get said nutrients is up to you. who am i to judge.

of course the environment would love you more if you ate less meat. but that’s another post.

and i’m not a health care professional, so what do i know.

maybe the real question is: what exactly is ”moderation”? it seem like a rather loose term, i mean, are we talking a Big Mac without the fries? Big Mac and small fries? how often can we get away with it? once a week? once a month? more importantly, can i eat 3 squares of Lindt Chilli Chocolate every day and still call that moderation? if the experts got a little more specific, that might help us out here. a recent survey  found that 9 out of 10 Americans believe they’re eating a healthy diet so i can’t be the only one confused.

do you believe in “everything in moderation”? why/why not? 

are there some foods you’ve chosen to do without?

how do you define moderation?

Last modified: November 3, 2017

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