Fat loss vs. Weight Loss

Fat loss versus weight loss in the battle of the bulge. To lose weight means to lose water weight and muscle tissue with little to no loss of fat tissue (typically as a result of starvation dieting) whereas to lose fat means to burn actual stored body fat tissue.  Fad diets including the Cabbage Soup diet, Jenny Craig, the Caveman diet, Richard Simmons, etc. are diets that result in weight loss not fat loss .  Diets such as the fat burning diet, the Atkins diet and the Zone diet are diets that result in a loss of fat tissue and are not intended for dieters who only desire to lose weight.

Shockingly, the average person does not even seem to understand that there is a difference between fat loss and weight loss let alone understand the difference between the different types of diets on the market.  Dieters desperate to lose weight are often only interested in watching the numbers on the bathroom scale go down each morning regardless of where the weight comes from.  As noted above, this type of weight loss is not the same thing as fat loss but rather a result of losing water and muscle tissue.  Fad diets are great for creating an illusion when it comes to losing weight because dieters are convinced that the weight loss is a result of fat tissue being burned.

In order to attain fat loss necessitates a person using a diet such as the fat burning diet, the Atkins diet or the Zone diet as these diets were created for this exact purpose. Fat loss diets (fad diets) such the Cabbage Soup diet, Jenny Craig, the Caveman diet and Richard Simmons can only help dieters to lose weight as this is what these diets were created to do.  Losing weight is simple and can be lost quickly as the body is comprised of over 75% water whereas fat reduction takes a little bit longer because it needs to be systematically removed from the body by eating in certain ways. Think about it for a moment, why would anyone want to lose weight the hard way by following a fad diet when they could simply sit in a sauna for 20 minutes and lose 10 pounds, is the weight lost not the same?

Yes, but again most people do not even know there is a difference between fat reduction and weightloss. You see, the average dieter is desperate to lose pounds and weightloss companies know this and therefore take advantage of the situation by telling dieters exactly what they want to hear even though it is an outright lie (people think they are going to lose fat properly).   Although not capable of causing fat reduction of any kind, companies will still say with a straight face “eat whatever you want all day and simply take our special pill before bedtime and magic will occur while you are sleeping”. Obviously it is not possible to lose fat without a true fat burning diet of some kind but dieters desperate enough to lose fat will continue to make fad diet manufacturers wealthy by believing the nonsense.

Fat Burning Diet and Weight Loss Facts

The fat burning diet is arguably among the most effective diets ever created to burn actual body fat tissue. This is in sharp contrast to the highly popular fad diets presently being used in record numbers to attain fast weight loss . You see, only the Atkins diet, the Caveman diet, the Zone diet and the fat burning diet are capable of burning actual body fat tissue. Whereas fad diets such as the Cabbage Soup diet, Jenny Craig, Richard Simmons and countless others can only cause weight loss (a loss of water and muscle tissue with limited fat loss ).
We are now in the 21st century and the average dieter still does not know that there is a difference between fat burning and losing weight. As stated above, Weight loss is a result of losing water and muscle tissue with little to no fat tissue typically as a result of starvation or semi-starvation dieting. Fat burning on the other hand is a result of burning pure body fat tissue with little to no loss of water and muscle tissue. It is of the utmost importance to understand these differences before begin a fat loss or weight loss program.

The average dieter is confused by the meaning of the terms fat burning and losing weight out of ignorance. However, this ignorance is perpetuated by the weight loss industry and is of little fault of the dieter. Whether they are completely aware of it or not, dieters desire fat burning because they notice the ugly fat on their bodies and wish to get rid of it. Dieters do not begin a diet to attain fat loss (a loss of water and muscle tissue) but rather they want to get rid of actual body fat tissue.

The makers of the fat burning diet understand what dieters go through and that they desire fat loss and not simply to lose weight . The makers of fad diets that cause fat loss however are only in business to make money out of repeat business and do not really care nor want their customers to lose weight for they will lose business. It is up to you, you can lose weight by using one of many popular fad diets or you can lose actual fat tissue by using the weightloss diet. Keep in mind, Fad diets do cause fat loss but the lost weight is undesirable and will quickly return upon termination of the diet.