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My name is Chuck and I started back to basics weight loss to not only help, but show you the many ways to lose that weight and get in shape. My goal is to help people to sustain weight loss plans through dieting and exercising.

I have owned and ran a health and wellness center for fifteen years. I was trained in nutrition, weight loss plans, weight loss diets, exercise, and weight training. This is why I started this site and feel qualified to write these articles and recommend the products in back to basics weight loss.

Not everyone is the same, therefore not all weight loss diets are going to work for everyone. People react differently to different weight loss plans. The back to basics weight loss plans that I write about cover all types of weight loss diets. Weight loss plans that are life changing, extreme fat burning, increase metabolism, to quick weight loss, learning how to eat, and learning how to focus. You can choose a back to basics weight loss plan that fits your time, energy, and goals.

One of the most important steps in back to basics weight loss is exercise. To increase your metabolism you need togirl2 Weight Loss Plans Through Diet And Exerciseelevate you heart rate through exercise. Our plans will show you how to workout, increase your metabolism, and decrease your caloric intake through meal planning. If you are taught the proper way to increase your metabolism and decrease your caloric intake you will be successful.

Losing weight is not easy. If it were we wouldn’t have over 60% of americans over weight. It may be even higher. I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to be one of them. There will be a lot of information on back to basics weight loss that will appeal to everyone. Remember, most weight loss plans are life changing event. Except for the quick diet to make you look good at the beach, get you women into that special dress for a class reunion, or getting ready for a very important wedding.

Here is a little something to think about. If you eliminate 500 calories a day from your diet and do this for seven days, you will lose one pound. Theoretically, 10 weeks= 10 pounds. But, while you do that, without exercise your metabolism will decrease because of less calories. Now, if after 10 weeks you take back those 500 calories a day you will gain the weight back in half the time because of your lower metabolism. That is why you have to be mentally strong to succeed in your back to basics weight loss.

Enjoy my site and I’m sure you’ll be successful in obtaining your back to basics weight loss goals.

Last modified: November 30, 2017

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