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Does PhenQ have any side effects? Because question is being asked by many people at the moment, lets examine PhenQ side effects if any.

Facts about PhenQ PhenQ is not a drug, but a weight loss supplement composed of natural ingredients. PhenQ is Composed of 100% natural plant extracts. See Meratol Ingredients for more information. PhenQ has been clinical trialled. See Meratol Clinical Studies for more information. Other popular diet supplements (C-Plex 60, Capsiplex) use some but not all of PhenQ’s ingredients.
PhenQ Side Effects? During Clinical trials NO PhenQ Side Effects where reported. No Reported PhenQ Side Effects reported from the public.

PhenQ is made by Advance Health, who are the company behind Capsiplex and C-Plex 60, two popular proven diet supplements in the market today.

PhenQ is an all in one Slimming Pill that combines the strengths of both these powerful proven supplements, to allow you to lose between 3 5 lbs a week, in a safe, effective way.

How Does PhenQ Work?

PhenQ has combined the strength of C-Plex 60 and Capsiplex into one pill, and provides you with an attack on your fat in the following ways Appetite Supressant Cababilities PhenQ allows you to control your calories intake, by helping to get rid of the normal hunger cravings while you are dieting. This allows you to eat healthily and when you really want to, rather than mid meal, when the temptation of a chocolate bar is too great.

Find out more by clicking here. Carbohydrate Blocking Strengths PhenQ has been clinically tested and shown to prevent 82% of carbohydrate calories being blocked, and not aborbed by the body. These carb calories are not absorbed by your body and turned into unwated fat, but are passed out of your body naturally. This allows you to still enjoy your carbohydrate intake, without the worry of adding more unwanted fat. Click here to find out more. Fat Burning Capabilities PhenQ will allow you to burn off 12 times more calories than you would normally. This Allows your body to get rid of excess fat, in a completely natural way. PhenQ uses natural plant extracts, from the capsicum plant, to assist your body to lose more excess weight, and burn up to 278 more calories. Find out here what 278 calories looks like. Speed Up Your Metabolism Many people who have excess weight believe this is becasue they consume too many calories. Recent evidence has shown, than many don’t consume any more than people who are not overweight, but their metabolic rate is slower, which in turn causes more fat to be stored. PhenQ has been proven in clinical studies to speed up the metabolism, which allows your body to use up this energy rather than store it as excess fat. Find out more here.

Many Celebrities are also fans of PhenQ, including Lauren Goodger of The Only Way Is Essex who lost over 1 stone of weight thanks to PhenQ. As a result, she is happy to put her name beside the supplement, so it can help others they way it helped her. Other big Hollywood names are also fans of PhenQ. 

Last modified: July 22, 2018

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